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Managing Project Communications Course Description

  • One of the top reasons for project failure and reduced productivity is poor communication
  • Global / virtual projects have amplified the need to communicate your ideas clearly and succinctly
Managing stakeholder expectations is crucial for project success. Further, majority of a project managerís time is spent on communications. Effective communication skills, a key to peak team performance, enable project managers to determine and provide appropriate information to key stakeholders (clients, senior management, suppliers, and project team members) in a timely manner during the various stages of a project. Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely by identifying an appropriate style, format, technology, and means to collect and disseminate critical project information.

    In this hands-on Course, students will:
  • Gain an understanding of the communication model, styles, and barriers
  • Review the project communication management processes
  • Establish the skills, guidelines, tools, and technologies needed for effective communication management activities such as:
    -  Defining project communication needs by performing stakeholder analysis
    -  Outlining the type of information needs, defining roles and responsibilities
    -  Creating and implementing communication plans
    -  Defining reporting and information flow charts
    -  Collecting and providing performance and status reports
    -  Performing project closures
  • Devise simple tools, such as methods and templates, to create, manage, store, and communicate appropriate project information to key stakeholders in an effective and timely manner. This information includes project goals, objectives, team roles and responsibilities, key decisions, status, issues, project closure, etc.
  • Critique different approaches to performing earned value analysis for project performance reporting
  • Evaluate meeting management, negotiation, problem solving and decision-making, and risk, change, conflict, and issue management techniques to constructively develop, manage and leverage stakeholder relationships
Communicate effectively and collaborate with your stakeholders for project success!

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