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Outsourcing: Understanding the Cross-Cultural Perspective Course Description

  • Is your cross-cultural team faced with recurrent miscommunications?
  • Are your outsourcing engagements resulting in business challenges and missed deadlines?
  • What is the best way to negotiate or do business overseas?
Many companies are outsourcing / off shoring, but cultural and communication issues impede productivity. Each country’s unique cultural and business environment presents global companies with many challenges. Interacting in a culturally appropriate manner can improve results and is a competitive requirement that demands knowledge, insight and skill.

    The focus of this interactive course is on:
  • Learning to work effectively with each country's unique business culture
  • Implementing appropriate strategies for ensuring clear communication
  • Building a task and relationship oriented team environment
  • Increasing productivity, professional effectiveness and efficiency in joint projects
    Upon completion of this course, participants will:
  • Assess the significant ways in which work styles differ among cultures
  • Increase awareness of how cultural perspectives affect behavior and interaction
  • Examine subtle critical business assumptions, perceptions and expectations that impede working relationships
  • Define strategies to resolve work and cultural conflict
  • Understand the complexities and implications of business protocol and etiquette
  • Learn effective cross-cultural communications and management styles
  • Improve overall negotiating effectiveness across cultures
  • Gain awareness of communication issues and their impact on the project management process
  • Learn communication and relationship building strategies, methods and tools that will avoid communication breakdowns
Improve the results of your outsourcing endeavors by leveraging your cross-cultural competencies!

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