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Outsourcing to India: Understanding the Cross-Cultural Perspective Course Description

  • Are you faced with recurrent miscommunications that result in business challenges and missed deadlines?
  • What is the best way to negotiate or do business in India?
Many companies are outsourcing / off shoring to India, but cultural and communication issues impede productivity. India’s unique cultural and business environment presents global companies operating there with many challenges. Interacting in a culturally appropriate manner can increase productivity and is a competitive requirement that demands knowledge, insight and skill.

    This interactive workshop focuses on how to work most effectively with Indian counterparts so projects are completed efficiently. The focus of this course is on:
  • Learning to work effectively with each country's unique business culture
  • Implementing appropriate strategies for ensuring clear communication
  • Building a task and relationship oriented team environment
  • Improving the quality of personal relationships in a cross cultural environment
  • Increasing productivity, professional effectiveness and efficiency in joint projects
    Upon completion of this course, participants will:
  • Assess the significant ways in which American and Indian work styles differ
  • Increase awareness of how cultural perspectives affect behavior and interaction
  • Examine subtle critical business assumptions, perceptions and expectations that impede working relationships
  • Define strategies to resolve work and cultural conflict
  • Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to create working relationships
  • Understand the complexities and implications of business protocol and etiquette
  • Learn effective cross-cultural communications and management styles
  • Improve overall negotiating effectiveness across cultures
  • Gain awareness of communication issues and their impact on the project management process in a cross-cultural setting
  • Acquire skills in planning, organizing, and monitoring projects
  • Create a framework for cultural understanding, mutual respect and cooperation
  • Outline hierarchical and decision-making structures
  • Communicate critical information clearly and effectively in person and remotely
  • Learn communication and relationship building strategies, methods and tools that will avoid communication breakdowns
Improve the results of your outsourcing endeavors by leveraging your cross-cultural competencies!

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