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Interpersonal Relationship Skills Course Description

  • Enhance your ability to create rapport and communicate effectively with others
  • Minimize misunderstandings and resolve conflict to create win-win situations
  • Develop highly effectively influencing and persuasive strategies to move others toward desired results
  • Learn to grasp situations quickly and react appropriately
  • Bring synergy into your project team environment
We will provide you with specific strategies, tools and techniques that will dramatically enhance your communication skills and improve your relationships with others.

    Work with others to achieve common goals:
  • Improve your networking skills to enlarge your circle of support and influence
  • Learn team building, conflict resolution and negotiation techniques
  • Enhance the clarity of your message and the effectiveness of your presentation skills
  • Study the art of delegating, influencing, and building trust
    Develop an understanding of your Intrapersonal skills:
  • Understand the role of self-awareness, self-realization, self-control, and self-improvement in enhancing your own personal communication style
  • Recognize and manage your trigger points
  • Strengthen your active listening skills
Apply your improved communication strategies to build strong and successful business and personal relationships!

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