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Facilitation Skills Course Description

  • Are you the solely responsible for providing all the solutions in your organization?
  • Is it difficult for you to delegate problem solving and decision making to others?
  • Does your team feel empowered?
The facilitative approach will provide you with a model of leading, managing and consulting. Learn this process that offers you the participatory approach to team building, problem solving and decision making to achieve business objectives.

    Develop your facilitation abilities and skills:
  • Learn how to plan and design an effective process for meeting business objectives while balancing creativity, participation, efficiency and ownership
  • Practice the art of managing a group towards the achievement of their objectives while encouraging accountability, interaction and change
  • Gain familiarity with how to create a positive environment, ensure results, evaluate performance, neutralize biases, actively listen, maintain a high energy level, keep the session focused, balance involvement, and manage dysfunctional behavior
  • Develop an awareness of group dynamics, human behavior, as well as an understanding of the way people process information and make decisions
  • Learn decision-making, conflict resolution, questioning techniques and principles of creative thinking
  • Master the management of group diversity through interaction and intervention
    Learn how to:
  • Prepare for the session
  • Plan an agenda
  • Set ground rules
  • Conduct the session
  • Close a session
We will provide you with training, tools, techniques, and exercises that will help you to facilitate workshops, group sessions and brainstorming sessions!

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