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Effective Communications Course Description

  • One of the top reasons for project failure and reduced productivity is poor communication
  • Most conflicts can be attributed to misunderstanding
  • Individuals and businesses have suffered irreconcilable differences due to inappropriate communication styles
  • Global and virtual projects have amplified the need to communicate your ideas clearly and succinctly
A vital skill for success is the ability to communicate effectively with all people at all levels within an organization. Effective communication is directly related to presenting information so that others can understand and perceive it accurately.
    Learn to recognize the situation and identify the appropriate:
  • Message content
  • Audience
  • Frequency
  • Type, Mode, and Method of communication
    We will also discuss:
  • Why and how people filter your message so that you can stop misinterpretations and get people to want to listen to you
  • The art of giving compelling and effective presentations that draw your audience in and move them to action
  • How to craft openings and closings that are compelling, get a buy-in for your ideas encourage participation
  • How to read nonverbal signs so that you can deal with resistance and remove barriers
    Understand how to:
  • Negotiate, motivate, reflect, and actively listen
  • Recognize communication stoppers and learn how to break
  • Create an environment where misunderstandings and disagreements can be discussed and resolved in a non-confrontational manner
Become more persuasive, direct and focused in all your communications!

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