The reality of our current times

Outsourcing has become an integral part of our business today.  Offshore outsourcing is growing 20%-25% per annum. 

Many companies now use ‘Global’ sourcing/ ‘Smart’ sourcing to work with multiple locations and vendors to minimize risks and maximize flexibility.  As companies have gained confidence in their ability to manage offshore operations, off shoring has become an inevitable outcome of globalization and economic integration. 

Companies may outsource product production, services, projects, or project phases.  The project manager now has the responsibility of working with this multi-sourcing arrangement to achieve project goals. 


What are the key advantages?

Outsourcing benefits projects and organizations in a very similar manner: 

· It allows companies to use a flexible business model to manage their product/service delivery and business operations in a cost effective manner.

· It provides a means for companies to reduce or stabilize costs, access advanced technology/expertise, improve business efficiency, meet economic projections, and remain competitive.  Many organizations use outsourcing to control cost so that they are able to weather economic slowdowns. 

· Outsourcing has proven to be a viable strategic business and management approach for delivering the best products/services at the cheapest price, and to addressing scope, quality, cost, schedule, and resource risks. 

· Outsourcing helps businesses focus their resources on what they do best, which is to innovate and create new products.  Companies outsource non-core business functions such as information technology, facilities, legal advice, marketing, human resource management, real estate management, accounting, application development projects, and customer support.

· Outsourcing allows businesses to shift fixed costs to variable costs, increase the predictability of earnings, redirect internal resources to more strategic activities, and to improve performance.

· It allows companies to use the Time Zones to their advantage and hence reduce the time to market.  This is a great advantage for project managers as it solves the problem faced by many projects: inadequate time to complete the project.  It is also a way of getting rid of problems a company cannot solve itself.  Outsourcing can push operational headaches and bottlenecks downstream, capturing immediate cost savings, avoiding labor conflicts, and management deficiencies


What are the key disadvantages?

· Outsourcing results in a business environment that is more complex and competitive. 

· Companies lose their abilities to do the job themselves and have little control over the quality of work done. 

· They lose the business knowledge/expertise that resides within the organization and this can result in a loss of proprietary or competitive advantage. 

· The transfer of work results in layoffs, which have had a demoralizing effect on the surviving workforce.

· Hidden costs such as the transactions costs, contract development, and overhead cost of communication and project management often erode promised cost savings. 

· Culture and linguistic barriers, turnover of key personnel, and time required to complete business and technical knowledge transfer can result in a 20% decline in productivity during the first year of an outsourcing engagement.

· Data protection and privacy concerns may occur.  For example, American corporations may face difficulties with their compliance to the USA PATRIOT Act and Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements.

· Subcontractors/Multisourcing arrangements can be hard to police.

· Companies that outsource too much can lose touch with their customers, and lose the ability to respond quickly and creatively to the marketplace. 

issue 3    volume 1  October 2008


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Promoting the “Wisdom” of Project Management

Companies have realized that it is vital that they focus only on one thing that is central to their value proposition and increases their competitive advantage.

It helps in steering troubled projects back on track immediately, boosting productivity, tightening efficiency, and improving the time to market with a more disciplined approach to managing project(s).



Outsourcing: the Reality of our Times

Outsourcing Locations and Expertise

Outsourcing & Project Management

Special Message From the President of Medhira Enterprises: Reaching the 6 Year Mark

NEW Seminar , “Strategies for Success”

Two ways to improve your success

Fun With Project Management

“Outsourcing: A cost-effective way to lose control of your business”,

Michael Skapinker      Financial Times, 2003.

Fun With Project Management

“Yesterday i couldn't even spell engineer, and today i are one"

Understanding Engineers – Take One

To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.


Understanding Engineers - Take Two

What is the difference between Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers? Mechanical Engineers build weapons and Civil Engineers build targets.


Understanding Engineers - Take Three

The graduate with a Science degree asks, "Why does it work?" The graduate with an Engineering degree asks, "How does it work?" The graduate with an Accounting degree asks, "How much will it cost?" The graduate with an Arts degree asks, "Do you want fries with that?"


Understanding Engineers - Take Four

"Normal people believe that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet."


Understanding Engineers - Take Five

An engineer was standing on the scaffold, the noose around his neck, preparing to meet his Maker. The hangman pulled the lever and nothing happened. He pulled it again...and again. The engineer, helpful to the last, said, "That thing's never going to work as long as that rock's stuck in the mechanism."

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“Strategies for Success in the Corporate World”

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In response to the current economic conditions, which are most challenging, Medhira is proud to present a new and timely seminar entitled: “Strategies for Success in the Corporate World” by Gloria Glickman.


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 In addition, the attendees gained insights regarding those areas in which they needed further development, such as: “How to be valuable, needed and visible at my company”; “How to find a mentor whom I can trust in guiding me to grow in my career”; How to network and how to maintain calmness, courage, and confidence”.


In this interactive seminar, the attendees will learn a great deal about themselves and discover that many of their work successes and challenges are shared by others. Further, the attendees will find that: “Gloria’s expertise, candor, and realism were most helpful in conveying the information of the seminar”.


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Outsourcing & Project Management


Considering Outsourcing Project Management Services /Project Office / Program Management Office (PMO) Function?


· Ensures that professional project management experts are on hand to manage all projects especially those that are complex, unique or difficult to staff. 

· Requires no up-front investments and recruiting costs but gives an organization immediate access to skilled project managers and project management best practices. 

· Expedites the introduction and use of a disciplined approach to project management without incurring the internal staff cultural resistance to process improvement.  Eventually, internal staff can be trained to use project management methodology and associated project management software. 

· Enables the adoption of project management best practices by internal project managers with dramatically reduced time to implementation and learning curves. 

· Provides the  internal staff access to coaching and mentoring from the outsourcing provider.

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Two ways to improve your success:

Networking & Mentoring




· Keep in touch with current/past contacts

· Join Professional Organizations

· Volunteer for committees/extra projects

· Attend Conferences/Seminars



· Set Mentoring Goals

· Seek Role Model

· Establish Relationship

· Define Plans

· Commit to Results


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Message From

     The President

Reaching the 6 Year Mark

Dear Colleagues, Business Partners and Friends,


I am excited to bring to you the third issue of the Medhira Enterprises newsletter as we celebrate our sixth year in business.


Outsourcing is getting a bad rap as the economic situation worsens and the job market tanks. Here are some perspectives to consider: Each time our clients come to us, they are outsourcing.  Organizations and projects seek procurement when they are unable to develop products, services, or results using their own resources.  We seek to provide expertise to you so that your organization becomes the Number #1 choice for your clients.


We understand your business needs and take pride in adding value.  Companies from around the world seek us for our project management and operational excellence expertise and we appreciate your trust in our abilities.  Thank you for your continued support.


Our workshops are now offered in New York, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Port Louis.



We appreciate your calls, referrals and especially your requests to collaborate for success.


Anita Dhir


October 2008

Important Information about PMP®/CAPM®

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